T-Tex. Success story.

Our story begins in 1981 as a manufacturer of textile products, promotional items and wholesale distribution both domestically and abroad. Over the last ten years we specialized in providing innovative products for the well being and health of people, distributed in over 7000 Italian pharmacies and herbalists.


We are young and dynamic, always looking for innovations that can satisfy any request of our customers.


We give life to the products that we launch. With strong and distinctive visual identity, made of logos, packaging; with a precise position for the specific target market; with the final realization always entrusted to the more suitable manufacturer. All this ensures a high quality and ISO 9001 certified standard.

Tutto questo assicura un elevato standard qualitativo e certificato ISO 9001.


When we launch a product, we ship it very far. This is thanks to our established sales channels and a strong distribution network that ensures quality, trustworthiness and reliability. In addition, thanks to an efficient internal customer service, we are able to respond accurately and promptly to all requests after sales, becoming a landmark of the customers even after the purchase.

We believe in people, in their passion and desire to get involved.

We believe in the ideas first and then in the products, and not vice versa.

We believe in being able to do always something new.

We believe in the dynamism that moves stimuli, inspiration and knowledge.

We believe in the experience that is built day after day and that tomorrow will become history

We believe in the quality of our products and ideas that improve the daily lives of our customers.

We believe in the future that it is today for us.

We believe in T-TEX, since 1981.


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